Stages Of Critical Thinking Hum 111 Week 2

Levels of Critical Thinking HUM/115 Version 2 1 Week 1 - Levels of Critical Thinking Worksheet Be sure to complete both Part 1 and Part 2 of this worksheet. Part 1: Levels of Critical Thinking 1. Complete the matrix below by describing a Beginning Critical Thinker, Average Critical Thinker, and Advanced Critical Thinker, as detailed on pp. 13-15 in Ch. 1 of Critical Thinking in Everyday Life . 2. Using your own words and complete sentences , provide descriptions of 2 or more sentences for each level description. Levels of Critical Thinking Level Description 1. Beginning Critical Thinker A beginning critical thinker has no interest assessing his conduct, views, or values and spends very little time doing it. Has a predictable thinking pattern that is based on personal opinions and has the propensity to mirror others beliefs and behaviors. They don't see the value in evolving and prefer to remain unchanged. 2. Average Critical Thinker An average thinker tends to assess facts and


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