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Name:Yutian Wang
Business Name:Topshop
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Marketing Plan Prepared: [25 Dec 2013]

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Marketing Plan Summary

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Introduction of Topshop
Business name: Topshop Corporation
Business structure: Topshop Corporation is owned by Arcadia Group Ltd, which have 75% shares of Topshop Corporation
ABN: 48 151 420 549
ACN: #088239838
Business location: The Headquarter is set in London, United…show more content…

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SWOT analysis
The strength of the Topshop Corporation is that the owner of Topshop is the Arcadia Group, which can provide favorable management and strong financial support for its subsidiary company. Moreover, the Topshop brand has take a large market share in the British mainland, the influence of the brand is deep among British people, and it has more than 300 stores nationwide and provides many different kinds of choices in product lines and design variety of products with thousands of looks per season creatively.

The weakness of the Topman Corporation is their international market, the company is global, but it has stores only in a few countries worldwide, the market share is poor in US and China which are the two biggest markets in the world. A large number of staff and products make it difficult to manage and increase the management costs. And, big store space lead to weak customer services. On web shopping, there is no detail and size for accessorizes.

The opportunity for the Topshop Corporation is the potential market in the oversea market. There are lots of young people in China and US, and they have

Help for heroes have 5 different campaigns that have been done , these are; swimming pool complex at Headley court, Relative’s houses at Headly Court and Selly Oak hospital, battle back, troop aid, combat stress and the patients welfare fund. They are a national company based in England only. The Help for Heroes Company are a registered UK charity, but also have a profitable gain, they do exactly what is stated and all donations are given to the charity. But they also sell Help for Heroes merchandise such as wristbands etc. these go towards the running cost of the company and to the owners. The donation that Help for Heroes have received since October 2007 is £105.377M. Help for Heroes have about 250 employees worldwide

Help for Heroes is a tertiary business and the purpose of the business is to help wounded service men and women through donations and fundraising, the ownership of Help for Heroes is a partnership, owned by Bryn Parry and Emma Parry. The mission statement for Help for Heroes is ‘Help for Heroes supports any serviceman or woman who has been either wounded in conflict or injured in training since 2001. We are raising millions of pounds to create facilities to help their rehabilitation and support existing service charities to deliver the expertise needed.’

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Help for Heroes have an unlimited liability, this mean if they were to go into debt, they could lose more money than was put into the business. Topshop is a British clothes retailer, it is known worldwide. Topshop is a part of the Arcadia group which is a group that owns a lot of different retail outlets. Topshop was founded in 1964 by ‘Peter Robinson’s Ltd.’

Topshop has physical and online stores in over 20 countries. They employ over 200+ employees each year. They are an International company with flagship stores in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. The Topshop in Oxford Street is the world’s largest fashion store it is roughly about 90,000 square feet and covers five floors, it attracts 30,000 customers a day.

Topshop is a tertiary company; the purpose of the business is to sell fashionable clothes and accessories to the younger age group (15-25). Topshop is a company owned by the Arcadia group so it’s a PLC.

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