It Lecturer Cover Letter

Lecturer Cover Letter

Lecturers work for higher education establishments and are in charge for teaching a specialist subject area. Aside from instructing students, Lecturers also have research and administrative duties. Examples of Lecturer tasks include: preparing and researching lectures, organizing and invigilating examinations, taking part in staff meetings, attending academic events, tutoring students, developing teaching materials, and participating in continuous professional development activities.

A cover letter sample for Lecturer should focus on the following qualifications:

  • A special interest for a particular research area
  • High motivation and enthusiasm
  • Research skills
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Flexibility and multitasking
  • Interpersonal skills for dealing with a wide range of people
  • Original thought and analytical skills
  • Computer competences

Those interested in a Lecturer position can check similar skills and experience in the cover letter example displayed below.

For help with your resume, check out our extensive Lecturer Resume Samples.

Dear Dr. Veloz:

It is with pleasure and great interest that I submit to you the enclosed CV in application for your posting for a Lecturer. With more than 11 years of experience instructing university students while simultaneously leading administrative and research activities, I am positioned to make a significant and positive impact on your school in this role.

My background includes outstanding teaching experience at the University of Delaware, instructing first- through fourth-year students to stimulate information interest and retention while invigorating classes through the use of new technologies and models. I have received commendation from university leadership, faculty peers, and students for my dedication to teaching excellence and my commitment to ensuring outstanding student experiences. Furthermore, I hold a Doctorate degree from the academically rigorous Pennsylvania State University.

Highlights of my qualifications include:

  • Instructing a range of courses—spanning introductory through thesis-level content—for classes of up to 145 students.
  • Developing and presenting weekly lectures, leading discussion sections, grading assignments, maintaining student records, creating and updating course websites, and overseeing teaching assistants.
  • Consistently achieving an average ranking of 4.8 out of 5 for “quality of teaching” in student experience surveys.
  • Serving in an active role on numerous academic committees while concurrently advising senior students on research projects and continuing academic endeavors.
  • Performing in-depth research studies, conducting interviews, analyzing results, and presenting qualitative and quantitative data; publishing 14+ articles (as both author and co-author) in reputable academic journals.

With my experience and credentials, coupled with my superior communication and leadership skills, I am well prepared to dedicate myself to the highest standards of research and teaching at your university and become an integral member of your faculty team.

I look forward to discussing my qualifications in further detail. Thank you for your consideration.


Laura J. Gallagher, PhD

College Lecturer Cover Letter

A college lecturer cover letter is a great way to present your skills and how well you fit the job role. Unlike your resume, which in most cases is generic, the letter can be used to generate interest upon the employers. A well-crafted letter can be influential and help the employer make decision to make their decision whether to call you for an interview or not.

Before you begin writing your impressive cover letter, make sure you follow the following tips.

  • Do an extensive research of the college such as its career goals and its future plans. Knowing about their drawbacks is another good thing as you can suggest them something that can prove beneficial to the college.
  • Explain why you can be an ideal choice for the position. This is what every employer wants to know and probably they may ask you in an interview.
  • Although you may feel, you have lots to write in a cover letter. However, make sure it does not exceed a page and all the information is concise.
  • The first statement should address the right person and specify the position you are seeking in the college.
  • After you have highlighted your skills and experience, conclude that you would be glad if they held a follow up interview wherein you can discuss more on it.

The sample cover letter for college lecturer will guide you with some important tips and instructions to write one.

Sample College Lecturer Cover Letter

Your Full Name
Contact Information
Email Identification
Company's Name

Dear Mr./Ms. (Employer's Name),

This is to inform you that I am interested to work in your college as a lecturer. I read your advertisement in (mention the name of the magazine/ newspaper/ job portal) and feel I can be an ideal match for the position. As requested, I have enclosed my resume with this letter.

I have been working as a college lecturer for the past ten years in (mention the name of the college). Being in this field for so many years, I am aware of the duties and the role of a college lecturer. I am specialized in physics and can provide the students with instructions and explanation of the different topics. I am patient with my work and can explain the subject matter repeatedly. Other than this, I develop a class schedule that comprises daily lesson. I believe demonstrations can help students learn more. I am flexible with work timing and can guide my students whenever they need any help.

I would appreciate if we could meet up for an interview and discuss on this more. You can call me at (insert contact details) or drop me an e-mail at (mention e-mail address).

Thank you so much.

Your Name

Enclosures: Resume and Work Experience Certificates

Sample College Lecturer Cover Letter

Contact information
Email ID

Date: MM/ DD/ YYYY

Recipient's Name
Company's Name

Dear Mr. /Ms. (Employer's Last Name),

I would like to know if you are looking for a candidate for the post of college lecturer in your institute (mention the name here). I always wanted to be a part of your institute and believe my experience and educational background can prove to be useful to your college.

I have worked with (mention the name of your previous work place) as a college lecturer. I handled a class, which has strength of 150 students for a particular batch. I always wished to be a lecturer and have the skills and qualities that make me an ideal candidate for the position. I stated by teaching the junior college and gradually got promoted to teach the higher classes. I have been working in this profession for the past ten years and know exactly the role of a person. I can tackle any situation and have problem solving skills. I am patient with my students. I believe that every student is different, some may understand me quickly, and some may not. I am flexible with work timing and can be available whenever the institute needs me. I am confident about my communication skills, feel perfectly confident, and can teach a class of any strength.

I would appreciate if you can conduct a follow up interview and discuss on this more. You can call me at (Contact details).

Thank you.

Your Name

Enclosures: Resume

This is how you can write a college lecturer cover letter and create a strong impact upon the potential employer. Good luck with your job search!

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