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The young men that moved my me were on time, professional, polite, and very helpful. They wrapped everything, so it would not get damaged. They made sure everything would fit on the truck, and even though it was a very hot day in August, they did not stop working until they were finished. I have purchased a new home, and as soon as I'm ready to move in, Warren's Homework will be moving me in. Call them, and you will not be disappointed.

These jerkoffs have just stolen 5 hours of my life and charged me $500 for it. What a crap experience. These 2 movers just shlepped the contents of my 2 bedroom apartment from one unit to another and did the classic "Let's run out the time clock while she isn't looking" game. I had to follow them around and catch them taking breaks every trip to the truck. At the 4 hour point my beds and desk weren't even assembled so I told them to stop because I'll be damned if I'm gonna sit here and watch you charge me to take 2 more hours to assemble my crap. They would pull stunts like take ONE LAMP from the truck and casually bring it to the apartment. Are you freaking kidding me? And I know for a fact they were purposefully moving slow because I got so pissed I started grabbing some of my boxes and chairs from the truck and "helping" them take it in the house. I was, and I kid you not, literally LAPPING 2 grown men. Come to think of it I should have just moved by myself for free. It would have been faster. Basically the classic sh*tty moving experience where you feel taken advantage of. Thanks guys!

One word: PROFESSIONAL. I've had very bad experiences with movers over the past three years, and I was very hesitant to have that same experience. Two weeks ago, we had to move. So prior to this move, I did my due diligence, mainly on Yelp, but also using the Nextdoor app. After reading many, many reviews, I called three companies, one of which was Warren's Homework. "Yes," a strange name for a mover, but "oh, what a great customer service experience." From the young lady who gave us a quote on the phone to the two gentlemen that came to actually move us -- efficient and professional. They called the day prior to make sure we were a "go" for the following day. We had an 8:00am appointment and sure enough, at 7:55am, I heard the truck coming around the corner. The two gentlemen made a point of coming over to me to introduce themselves with a handshake, and that is a great touch. They wrapped, moved, and efficiently packed the truck. Two hours later, we were on the 1.5 mile drive to our new rental home. There they were another two hours putting things together and making the house feel like "home." When they were done, they asked me to walk the truck to make sure they got everything. Of course they did. They then called the office, we had our final price, paid by credit card, and they were on their way. I cannot recommend them enough. In four years, when our lease is up...guess who I'm goig to call? No, it's not "Ghost Busters." :-)

Having used their services twice before, I've never been dissatisfied at all. They are prompt, equipped with the moving materials needed to get the job done. They've protected my furniture and fragile items during the move and priced right. I recommend them to anyone moving in Las Vegas or out of state.

After searching here on Yelp for days and calling about 5 different moving companies after spoke to Kim on the phone I felt at ease that they'd be the one help me with one of the stressful event of my life "Moving"! I just used them couple days ago and now I can finally sit down I need to get this out of my chest. To start off by them being 30min late and didn't bring any wraps or blankets so they used our wrap we bought and left all heavy boxes I labeled *heavy* on them and only put big furnitures and light boxes I still had more luggages packed with clothes in them left behind and truck was full they couldn't fit anymore (I do understand we have more stuff than NORMAL 3 bedrooms household) so we had to call our family members to come help bring rest of stuff. I stayed at old house to finish cleaning up and my husband took movers to new house and they were gone by the time I got to new house and I was shocked and furious they literal dropped everything off in living room and the garage nothing was where they were supposed to be. They only put mattresses in rooms and all the boxes I had labeled "kitchen", "master bedroom".....were all left randomly by in those areas where I labeled them! Isn't that a common sense even if we don't tell them where it goes and my dogs urns were upside down when I opened the box and I again I described and labeled them what were in each boxes if they look for a second before they put them down so they would know which ones are fragile. And trust me my husband got yelled at also for not giving movers directions too but, if I'm paying over $700 I expect at least heavy stuff to be put away so we won't have to drag all of them in ourselves after they left. I'm very disappointed and tired and my whole body is still sore from moving my headboard and desk and my husband's weight set plus endless boxes. It would've definitely helped if they put right stuff in right rooms to begin with or took more heavy stuff in their truck not our family's. I wish I went with other company that were labor only rent my own truck to use all day and way cheaper with 5 stars if I knew I was gonna be the one physically moving. SMH

We used warrens homework for the second time six years later and got John and Todd. They were GREAT! It was an 11 1/4 hour move with two trips for $1,462 plus $120 tip well deserved with no breaks or lunch. I bought the a Starbucks frappacino. These guys were pro movers and very pleasant. They arrived promptly at 7 am. We recommend warrens to friends and family. I've heard of so many disasters.

Warrens does it all! They pick up where you left off, or do it all for you! These guys work fast, you'll find yourselves staring in amazement. Warrens homework is worth the cost.

Let's face it, moving is never fun. We recently relocated to a different part of town and a bigger house. The new home is two stories and we have some heavy furniture so hiring professionals for the job was a no brainer. But with so many options out there, how does one choose? Well, start by finding a licensed and bonded movers who offer insurance for your valuables. Yes, expect to pay a bit of a premium, but a peace of mind is worth it. We scheduled our appointment a week out, the movers called ahead advising they were on their way. After signing a couple of papers they canvassed the home, advised covers for mattresses, and gave an estimate of how long the job would take and got to work. The two gentlemen were efficient, professional and courteous. They certainly helped alleviate some of the stress of moving. Once we arrived to the new house we simply instructed them where we would like the furniture to go and they got to work. The process was as stress free as moving can be. Based on our experience I would highly recommend Warren's Homework for your moving needs.

Very professional moving Company. Cost was a little more then some but well worth it. Would highly recommend for in city moving. Moved all our belongings into a storage unit. Will be calling again for help to move out of storage unit once we head to our new home out of state.

First of all...I wish they had more-er stars to post. Mason and Aladdin were AWESOME!!!!! They did a great job. But, Miss Christina in the office was my savior. She saved me from a major scam. Shout out to you!!! Just so you all know. I originally found WH on yelp. Plus, I had 10 other people recommend them as well. Honest work. Honest pricing. Thank everyone!!!! I hope to never move again. But if I do, I will use WARRENS HOMEWORK again.

We have move a few times over the last couple of years and always used Warrens and have told everyone we know moving to use them. We moved today with them and had the absolute worst experience. The guys were low energy, not willing to go out of the way and just left stuff. They also dropped a lamp of mine and compensated me $100.00 off the bill or I could hunt down an old receipt and fight with them. They used to let you "use" wardrobe boxes and as long as you gave them back they didn't charge you, well I guess they have new owners and charged us $82 for some boxes. We had some floors scratched that we notice after they left and the lady at the office was nothing but rude and making excuses for everything. allegedly we had the top guys they have, I can only imagine the other teams. Pass on this company and rent a uhaul or find another company!

Average prices and on-time. They quoted me 3 hours for the move and were correct to the minute. The guys were efficient and pleasant.

Used them for a move from my high rise condo on the strip to a home in Henderson. The move took a lot longer than the estimates from other companies that I had received. I had everything packed up perfectly and all so 6 hours seemed excessive to me. Kristina, their service rep explained to me that I would need more time for the elevator and truth is, she was right. The guys were friendly and worked hard but I think they could have been slightly more efficient with filling the elevator since it took quite a bit of time for the elevator to return each time. I took the guys out to lunch on the drive to our destination and they charged me for that time. Wouldn't have paid for lunch had I known that was going to happen. Anyways, overall pleased with the company.

This place is amazing. The movers are fast and friendly. They don't waste time and go really fast but care about the stuff they're moving. They are friendly and all around good guys showing up to your house. The fees are flat- no hidden crap. They don't start charging until they get to your place, look everything over and full get ready to move items...these guys are awesome. Also- always tip your movers. That is not an easy job and this team doesn't waste your time. You'll easily save money using this company and then give a nice tip to the movers. Donuts and juice never hurt either! My two guys deserved every penny of their tip.

I wish my second experience with them was as good as the first. I gave a 5 star review for the first time I used them. Sadly, this one would've been a one or a two. The movers were professional, but really slow. During my first experience, the movers cut 15 minutes off due to some minor delays and they stopped the clock a few minutes before they were done. This time, the two guys took almost an hour to get my couch out of my condo (I had warned the company that the couch would be a tight squeeze) because they tried several different methods before succeeding. I hired professionals because I figured they'd have the experience to do it reasonably quickly! Not only did this really ramp up the overall price, they finished right in between two 15 minute intervals and did not give me any break in the time cut off. There was also a long period of time that I didn't see one of the movers. I kept thinking 'there really shouldn't be much more,' but then the same guy kept bringing in more and more knick knacks, etc one by one. (Knick knacks that I had actually helped them load.) The move cost me over $100 more than I expected. It was just under $550 to move from a 2 bedroom (only one of bedroom had furniture; the other had a one-piece elliptical) less than 10 miles to a 3 bedroom house. A friend of mine just paid $450 to move a family of SIX about the same distance with different movers.

I've used Warren's for a local move before and was more than satisfied.. "tickled to death" would have been the best description. A lot of that had to do with one of their employees who was the hardest worker I've ever seend. This move was flawless. I had to do it at a reasonable price so I packed and moved all the boxes in advance. I told the two guys who showed up that money is tight and asked that they get the big stuff loaded and stop at a certain time. They were very aware and checked in with me several times on "want to move?" "want to leave this here?" The bottom line is they got all the big stuff and had time to go back and pack and load some of the smaller straggler items and stayed within timeline. At the new house they moved just as fast and watched the clock for me. They were clean, polite and respectful. No damage. No hassle. My only regret if I didn't have more cash to an impressive level for a job well done.

Agree with Alexa H. and Linde H.. They appear friendly and eager to book your business however dispute resolution was extremely difficult as my dryer was damaged and didn't work properly after the move. They came up with every excuse in the book even accusing my appliance repair person of causing the damage. Also VERY IMPORTANT to note they do not appear to be insured. They removed this information from their website after I asked them who their provider was...my belief is that they are self-insured which is probably why they give people such a hard time once claims are filed. I wouldn't recommend you use this company and I would not sign their paperwork unless you are completely sure that your items are unharmed because they will not give you the benefit of the doubt if you unpack and find something broken later.

We would have been screwed without these amazing movers. For two weeks I had called numerous people in yelp about helping us move. They either didn't return calls or were completely booked in advance. Luckily driving to work I saw one of their trunks and decided to give them a call. My husband the night before we moved got food poisoning from BWW and couldn't even get off the bathroom floor let alone move one box. Spoke with Melissa who gave me the price of 125 per hour. It seemed pretty expensive but after her explaining that they were insured, licensed and would wrap everything it made sense. We wanted great care over a cheap price where our items could get broken or damaged. She called the day before to confirm our appt for sat at 7:15am and answered all my questions. Which included if I wanted to drop something at a friends appt on te way could we? The answer was yes (: The men arrived promptly at 7:15. In matching blue attire they were friendly and efficient. They went over pricing, that they would possibly take a 15 min break. That if I could let tme know of any damaged items before hand and go over all the paperwork. That took about 10 mins and was painless. The guys really hustled. We had three full bedrooms, stuff in the garage for the apt trash and has them move our BBQ, 250 pound dining set and patio set to our neighbors. Which they walked to. It was impressive how fast they moved. With it being 111 degrees they were drenched in sweat. Not going to lie it was very awkward us sitting and watching them busy their asses while we just watched. We offered them Gatorade and iced water which they accepted. Loved how they wrapped every item. And tied it down in their huge truck. We went from the second story apt, drove 30 mins to the new house in mountains edge, and then they moved everything back up the stairs. The entire process began at 7:15 and ended at 2:15. In between that they took a 15 to eat their lunch which was no big deal. All together it cost is a little over 800 but worth every penny. On top of that we tipped them 100 because of how hard they worked. There was never a moment of them just standing. I don't even remember them using any of our bathrooms, which was weird. At the end they reassured us that after go through all the boxes and unpacked if we found anything broken we could just call their number and also as well if anything was missing. Simple is the word that comes to mind now when I refer them to others.

Movers were quick and took care of all my stuff, went over inspection of items before and after move.

This company was recommended to me by a co worker. So I called them to help me move. They came early but the guys working on my things must have had a rough night. I could see they were either tired or too sleepy to function. They banged my stuff around, and were generally rough handling my things. Not using or recommending them again.

Providing Professional Movers and Complete Packing Services in Las Vegas, NV and Coast to Coast

Moving into a new home or condo in the Las Vegas area can be physically exhausting and time consuming, but the team at Warren's Moving can ease the burden associated with relocating. Everything from purchasing your supplies to safely packing your belongings so that they are not damaged during the move is critical. Warren's Moving is a full-service moving company, fully licensed and insured. We have been in business since 1985 and you can count on us to help with all aspects of your relocation.
As professional movers, we will get the work done according to your specifications while safeguarding your belongings. Contact Warren's Moving today to schedule your appointment with us.
We are professional movers who will customize our services to meet your unique needs. Some of our valued clients in the Las Vegas area prefer us to provide turnkey moving services such as bringing supplies and doing all the packing for them. Others prefer to pack up their belongings on their own and simply need extra labor and a moving truck on the relocation day. When you contact us for assistance scheduling your move, we can discuss your plans and prepare a customized quote for the services you need.

Moving Supplies | Las Vegas, NV | Warren's Moving - Supplies

Safely packing your belongings requires the right supplies as well as proper packing and storage techniques. At Warren's Moving, we can assist you with preparations for moving day by providing you with skilled packing services as well as a full range of moving supplies. We serve the entire Las Vegas, NV, community and surrounding areas.
When you need to find quality moving supplies for sale, you can trust us to provide:
  • Boxes in various sizes and shapes
  • Tape
  • Shrink wrap
  • Paper pads
  • Newsprint
  • Bubble wrap
  • Mattress bags
  • Furniture pads

Leaving Las Vegas? We'll Take You!

The preparations that you take to prepare for a move can be physically demanding, and many of our clients need extra help. We provide packing services for all your needs, and our services can be tailored to suit your budget. Whether you need help packing one room or the entire home, we are available to get the job done for you. If you are ready to get the ball rolling on your moving efforts and need to pack up your belongings, contact Warren's Moving. Our friendly staff will provide more information about our moving supplies and packing services. You can also book moving service for your relocation day.

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