Comparative Essay Catcher In The Rye Vs Antigone

Comparison/Contrast Essay For Catcher in the Rye and Stand by Me

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These days our artistic landscape is so deeply defined by visual narratives on TV and in the movies that we can hardly imagine a world without images. Sometimes quality is judged solely based on a stories actions. In this image drenched society we sometimes struggle to appreciate and celebrate books and movies where the quality arises not exclusively from plot but also from the language and characters itself. The novel The Catcher in the Rye written by J.D. Salinger and the movie Stand by Me directed by Rob Reiner are examples of having uninteresting story line concepts but involving beautifully executed details. The Catcher in the Rye is about a teenager retelling the time when he spent three days in New York and Stand by Me is about a…show more content…

Just like Holden, all they ever long for is just some little acts of affection and care, little things that are enough for them to feel loved.
In contrast to The Catcher in the Rye following the story of a single person, there is Stand by Me which is a movie following the tale of four boys. This is a story about a road trip, but unlike typical road trips, this one involves travel by foot, and not over an extended distance. The main characters are Gordie: a troubled individual lacking parental affection due to the loss of his brother, Chris: an introspective, abused child labeled being a “bad boy” (Stand by Me), he is also Gordies best friend, Teddy: the slightly crazy wild card with an abusive father, and Vern: the outcast of the group who no one pays much attention to. In many ways, the story is more about what the characters discover along the way than what they find at the end and their growing up is accelerated by lessons they learn about life and death. This story is centered more on the boys in a path way between their childhood and adulthood. As the four friends make their way through junkyards and leech-infested watery areas and along railroad tracks, they learn things about their inner thoughts. Each wrestles with his own demons and the film shows how all these individual weaknesses could be overcome in a group context. Through primary relationships, with their social support, intimacy, the “we” feeling, can function as

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Antigone vs. Creon – Comparative Essay

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Antigone vs. Creon The question you ask is between Antigone and Creon, who has the most credibility? I believe that Antigone clearly has full credibility for what she has done. She followed her heart to not only prove that she was going to do what was right but to do what would make herself and hopefully Polyneices happy. Antigone felt it was right to bury her brother because of her families beliefs. In Episode I, Antigone herself said, “If thus thou speakest, thou wilt have hatred from me and will justly be subject to the lasting hatred of the dead.

But leave me, and the folly that is mine alone, to suffer this dread thing; for I shall not suffer aught so dreadful as an ignoble death. ” (Sophocles). For Antigone to say that she would rather die than to have her brother not properly buried was a big thing to me. She obviously is willing to put her life on the line for her family, because she knows the consequences if she gets caught. Another reason that she should get credit is because she wasn’t afraid to stand up to the law. She is a very young, brave girl! I believe that Antigone is very stubborn yet, focused girl because she does what she wants without anyone getting in her way.

Once she was caught, she never denied burying her brother. When she was brought up to Creon, she instantly started explaining why she was right, “So for me to meet this doom is trifling grief; but if I had suffered my mother’s son to lie in death an unburied corpse, that would have grieved me; for this, I am not grieved. And if my present deeds are foolish in thy sight, it may be that a foolish judge arraigns my folly. ” (Sophocles). Yes, I do agree that Antigone went against Creon and the law but I don’t think that she should die because of what she believes is right. If you really think about it, burying her brother isn’t actually a crime.

That would be like punishing people for praying while they are out at dinner. It is their beliefs so they have the right to do what they need. Antigone should have the right to bury her brother because it is a family belief. The only reason Creon doesn’t want Polyneices to be buried is because Polyneices went against Thebes. That shouldn’t give him a right to kill anyone that touches Polyneices. Creon may have the right to punish Antigone but he should only be allowed to go so far. I honestly do believe that Antigone stood up and did what was right. She did what her heart told her to so, I believe that she should get full credit.

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Antigone vs. Creon – Comparative Essay

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